The Lync Users Group continues to grow with user and sponsors!  We would like to formally announce Polycom as a national sponsor of the Lync Users Group community.

Polycom is an industry leader in setting standards for enterprise class communications.  Polycom builds hardware to integrated with Lync that takes the simplicity, ease of use, and familiar Lync interface  to environments throughout the enterprise.They also work to lower total cost of ownership by eliminating training costs, streamlining communications and encouraging collaboration.

Welcome Polycom!


As we are moving closer to the our Spring quarterly meetings, we would like to announce two new groups that will be joining the Lync Users Group

Charlotte, NC – This is a new group ran by local chapter organizer Chris Wilkinson with assistance from Andrew George.

Los Angeles/Orange County, CA – This is a new group ran by local chapter organizer Christian Burke.

Welcome to the Team!

For all other groups, we will be announcing dates and times soon!

Want to go to Lync Conference but didn’t get your budget approved, or maybe you got your budget after the event had sold out?  Lync Users Group is giving away a trip to Lync Conference.  To enter, just attend one of our January events (February events are excluded) and complete your survey*.  We will draw the winner from our nationwide events on February 1st with immediate contact for the winner.

*Lync User Group volunteers, sponsors, employees of sponsors and their immediate family members are not eligible to win, void where prohibited.

The Lync Users Group continues to grow as we move into 2014. Today, we would like to formally announce the acquisition of three great groups in to the Lync Users Group community.

Seattle, Washington

Portland, Oregon

Boise, Idaho

These three groups will be managed by the new local chapter organizer Heidi Gloudemans, a Microsoft employee based out of Seattle. We’re very happy to have Heidi on board!

Also, stay tuned for updates on the dates/times for these three new groups as we are working on acquiring the locations for sometime in early February 2014.

Our first Philadelphia meetup went off without a hitch as Kevin Peters and Philadelphia LCO Bhargav Shukla lead the way with presentations on Microsoft Edge and HLB/Reverse Proxies for Lync.  We definitely want to thank Bhargav for all of his work with getting this group together and his support of LyncUG.

Here’s some of the sights from last night:

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Philly Lync User Group will be organized by Bhargav Shukla from Kemp Technologies.  He founded the existing group and has decided to join the flock with the other cities across the U.S.  Already with a great start to build a community, Bhargav is hoping to grow attendance and really provide a safe haven for Lync Technical Professional in the Philadelphia area!

After numerous requests, LyncUG has decided to begin a group in Silicon Valley , and we’re excited to announce that Alex Lewis from Modality systems will be organizing these events.  Alex is a well-known UC veteran who’s vast knowledge and passion for UC will no-doubt help to create a great group!

Content and dates  for the October events will be announced in the coming weeks.

LyncUG is proud to announce the San Francisco Lync Users Groups!

The San Francisco Lync User Group will be organized by Chad McGreanor, from Extra Team.  Chad is a Lync MCM  who is excited on helping LyncUG bring a west coast presence to our groups.  Please click here to access their new MeetUp site.

Our other groups are also announcing their dates at this time.  This quarter our sessions will be:

SIP Academy

Presented by Audio Codes

This session will include what is SIP, how is SIP used within Microsoft Lync, and a walk-through of many SIP messages you see within logging.

Lync as a PBX Replacement

This session will cover Lync as a PBX replacement including a number of co-existence and migration scenarios and a real life solution review with local members who have successfully made the leap to Lync as a PBX replacement and UC Platform.


We hope that everyone can join us for these meetings.

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